If you’re looking to increase the amount of leads your sales team have to manage, you’re going to need the best email marketing campaigns to get there. After a decade of working in sales and marketing, seeing what works and what doesn’t, we’ll get you the results you deserve. From creating your monthly email newsletter, to email campaign management; we can even manage the service, scheduling and responses through our agency email marketing provider, Mailchimp.

mailchimp email marketing provider

Get Started With Sweet Leads Email Campaign Management

As we’re a Mailchimp partner, all you have to do is grant us access to your account and we can get started on your email marketing campaigns. If you don’t have one we’re more than happy to help set one up within our email marketing provider account and within a few days, we’ll be up and running. The next step is a meeting to find out where your business is and where you’d like it to go, what you’d like to achieve and any exciting ideas you have; the rest is down to the Sweet Leads team to get you from A to B and deliver amazing results..

mailchimp email marketing campaigns

After each email newsletter or campaign, you’ll be able to see your results and where you stack up against industry averages for open rates, click through rates and conversions(so long as your website is the point of sale.) In addition to this we can create engagement strategies to increase your email sign ups and expand your reach to new customers; you wouldn’t believe the results we’ve had so far – one customers list increased by 600% in 2 months.


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If you’re keen to get great results from your email marketing campaigns then get in touch today so we can start pushing your business to its potential.

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