We don’t keep this a secret, everything we do for your business is to help it flourish – it’s what a business development consultancy is supposed to do. If you’re looking to grow like any good business should be, our business development services will help you get where you want to go. Whether you need us to develop and deliver a market penetration strategy, a market expansion strategy or focus efforts on launching a new product – we can be that safe pair of hands, your trusted business growth consultants, to guide you to your goals.

Business Development Services

When you’re looking to increase the amount of customers you’re doing business with, but you don’t have the resources in house you’ll love our business development services. The most recent campaign resulted in £90,000 worth of subscription revenue for a utility service; before we were recruited to manage their new subscription product, they noticed a significant drop off in sales and lost a lot of subscribers believing the market was dead. They recently informed us that they successfully closed 32% of those leads, with a  good amount likely to close in the next few months.

Your Trusted Business Development Consultancy

A niche consultancy believed they could only work with large retail companies and the pub and restaurants industry as those business were the only ones that ever expressed an interest. That sounded like a challenge to Sweet Leads so we wrote and delivered an extensive market expansion strategy, taking their current products to a completely different set of customers – people they’d never thought of speaking to before. This delivered a set of 15 roasting hot leads and a sharp increase in inbound enquiries.

An information security start up, in Portsmouth, developed a new product to detect and assess security threats to websites, but how did they take it to market? They hired Sweet Leads. At the time the company had just 4 small customers so it was a very challenging time for them and without in-house business development expertise, they hit a brick wall. So we put together a market penetration strategy which lead to 8 new customers on a subscription service.

As business growth consultants, we know exactly how to approach your challenges and grow your business. If you’d like to see if we can get the same results for you, get in touch with the form below and take a look at this article on marketing for business growth.


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