Smart Direct Marketing Strategy

90% of the time, cold calling is a waste of time as fact is, we’re not all super confident, outspoken and brash enough to call out all day, and we wonder why nobody is questioning whether it’s actually efficient. It’s one of the most illogical of direct marketing tactics,┬áto dedicate a huge amount of time […]

Cold Email Marketing Tips

We’re told to keep away from strangers from a very early age, we have no reason to trust them, would rather not risk the consequences of engaging with them and certainly don’t want to let them intrude on our day. So how can you break down that barrier? Rather than just cold email marketing tips, […]

A Direct Email Marketing Campaign

In direct marketing, email campaigns are mostly overlooked as we have this vision that a good sales team looks something like the Wolf of Wall Street – sales guys dropping jazz lines with the linguistic talents of Derren Brown calling out beneath a motivational poster: ‘ABC: ALWAYS BE CLOSING.’ These days sales managers are in […]