SEO Content Writing for Blogs

Content is King. It can be time consuming, involve using software platforms you may not be familiar with and a lot of deep thinking too. You know you should do it but it’s one of those annoying business tasks that gets left for weeks and eventually forgotten about until you log in to Google Analytics […]

Improving Local SEO Rankings

Improving local SEO can be a daunting task, we’ve all been there. Reading through endless amounts of online guides and lists of local search SEO tips, it’s probably why you’re reading this right now. Hopefully we can help with some good tips to get you started so you can leverage local search in your content […]

What is Local search engine optimisation

Local Search Engine Optimisation is a slightly different tactic to SEO in general. It means that you’ll appear in searches from users in and around your local area, which can be extremely helpful if that’s where your ideal customer is located. If I was a florist or retailer based in Chichester, I’d probably prioritise local […]