We’re told to keep away from strangers from a very early age, we have no reason to trust them, would rather not risk the consequences of engaging with them and certainly don’t want to let them intrude on our day. So how can you break down that barrier? Rather than just cold email marketing tips, these are my rules of engagement for any cold prospects.

1. Give them a reason to trust you.

This is where most tragically fail. Cue the 10 sentences about how your company has been in business 25 years, how you were awarded something in 1992, are experts and trusted partners to so many giant companies…you’ve probably been e-mailed like this before and I can’t imagine you made it past the second sentence before either deleting it, marking as junk or requesting they don’t contact you.

Cold email marketing tips

This is an example of an e-mail a sales manager insisted that I write, when I was working at an information security company. Why would anyone want to know the business history in an intro email? Rather than that approach, actually give them a reason to trust you. See below for a big hitter.

cold email marketing tips email 2

This is a golden example as they’ll trust you from first line and want to know more. There are endless ways to use this approach, some companies don’t have features in  industry media to reference so just be a little creative and it’ll work well.

2. Keep It Brief

Out of every email that lands in my inbox, I’ll only ever respond to the ones that are straight to the point – I simply don’t have the time to read chapter and verse on your company, a list of services, frameworks and whatever else. It’s not only me, my opens, clicks and responses are off the chart for cold emails that are straight to the point. The worst possible approach to cold email marketing is to sign them up to your newsletter and hope they respond.

3. Make Sure the Contact is Correct

You wouldn’t believe how often people change roles, companies expand teams or change personnel responsibilities. If you’re emailing from a company database, I’d recommend you check the contact is correct and maybe search for their team and include them too. I don’t work from a database myself as I put together contact lists as sector campaigns arise – always from scratch and not from bought in data lists. This often means finding a contact and sending them an email almost immediately. I’d go as far as saying that 98% of databases are out of date or inaccurate and the remaining 2% will be soon. This is a hugely intensive task that you’ll have to work out how to manage at your business but I can’t tell you enough, just how valuable it is to dedicate time to.

I hope these cold email marketing tips are helpful. Please take a look at this post on setting up a direct marketing email campaign.

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