There are endless possibilities when it comes to email campaigns. It can be difficult to know where each one should fit into your strategy, how to structure them and what the point is to them, if any at all? I’ve put together a post on each type so you can read through detail on each of the different types of email marketing campaigns. Whichever I’m putting together, I always start at the beginning, ‘what do I hope to get out of this approach and from whom?’

1. Email Newsletter Campaigns

The email newsletter is best reserved for ‘warm’ prospects and existing customers. You could put off prospects if you randomly sign them up to your mailing list without consent, I’ve seen it happen many times before and nothing positive comes of it.

2. Direct Email Marketing Campaign

Direct email is a great way to knock down the doors and open conversations. They should always be brief and to the point. If you manage to hit the mark, you could end up with responses of 20% or more – I’ve managed to get £1.2 million of opportunities for a consultancy by sending just over 100 direct emails because I took the time and care to do it properly.

3. Call to Action Email Marketing

If you’re looking for a customer to complete a specific action then simple CTA emails can be really effective. This approach is very reliant on brevity but could be used for driving attendees to webinars or forums on new products.

4. Email Invitations

These are similar to CTA emails but are mostly focused on events like webinars. They can take a few different structures

5. Email Drip campaigns

A step on from direct email marketing campaigns are drip campaigns. They’re really easy to get wrong so some examples are included along with guidance and some basic rules on execution.

6. Cold Email Marketing Tips

Cold email marketing is best approached in a similar way to any direct email campaign – straight to the point, demonstrate your expertise and establish trust to then be able to identify opportunities. The aforementioned £1.2 million of opportunities were from 100% cold contacts so be sure to follow these tips.



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