In direct marketing, email campaigns are mostly overlooked as we have this vision that a good sales team looks something like the Wolf of Wall Street – sales guys dropping jazz lines with the linguistic talents of Derren Brown calling out beneath a motivational poster: ‘ABC: ALWAYS BE CLOSING.’ These days sales managers are in favour of setting ridiculous KPI’s of 100 calls a day – despite their potential client base consisting of 500 companies. I sometimes wonder if anyone thinks about these things? One of Sweet Leads most recent campaigns achieved 12 new leads, but with only a single outbound phone call? Don’t believe us? Book some time in, ye of little faith.

If I was to set up a direct email marketing campaign I’d organise into 3 drips. The key to this is for the second or third drip to say anything but ‘In case you didn’t read my previous e-mail(s)’ because as tactics go, that’s complete junk. I’ve seen it posted in sales and marketing blogs before – as if it’s useful advice…please don’t take it, I’d sooner resort to sending cat pictures.

A key part of this approach is to consider your target, formulate each drip specifically for them. They don’t care about your achievements in the finance sector if they work in agriculture, so think about them in a lot of depth. Mind Map everything you know about them and put your heart into the campaign. In the past I’ve set up blogs packed with information about their industry, events especially for their sector or interesting results with their competition. The first e-mail could go something like this:

direct email marketing campaign

How unbelievably simple. The subject line is designed to make them open it, there’s a high chance they’ll want to know about their competition plus the savings too and if they’ve got that far, I bet they’ll click through and respond so long as the detail is there and the contact is correct. Grammar makes a difference but don’t type in Oxford English and care not about nonsense 20 line sales pitches and DO NOT send them a list of products – unless you’re selling pillows and duvets.

Try this on your next campaign in direct marketing. Email campaigns will quickly become one of the sharpest tools you have. If you don’t have the time or the confidence, book in for our sales lead generation services.

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