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Have you ever noticed that when a business is short for sales leads, the sales director and marketing director often point at one another? The sales guys often point at the marketing team and vice versa?! In our experience, both sales and marketing are ultimately one and the same and both share responsibility in generating leads. 

At Sweet Leads, our sales lead generation services are designed to help build your pipeline efficiently, with outbound sales leads, so your sales and marketing team can focus on closing opportunities, brand awareness, events or alternate direct marketing campaigns.

We act as part of your business using your phone numbers and email addresses. Nobody will ever have any idea they were in contact with a marketing company, at any stage of the process. They call us Lead Spectres.

Build your pipeline with Direct marketing

Make the most of your direct marketing efforts with effective strategies for generating outbound leads.

Direct Marketing Services

You might already understand what’s involved in direct marketing services, you may have even hired an agency for this purpose before? There’s a good chance your sales people are tasked with lead generation as a key part of their role in business development and that’s exactly what this service is designed to complement.

Direct marketing includes any outbound targeted contact with potential prospects. From cold calling and email marketing right the way through to writing and sending letters or lumpy mail, it all sits under the one service at Sweet Leads. 

If you’re looking to take some of the burden from your sales team, our comprehensive direct marketing services are a great way to fill your pipeline.

Make an impression

High Quality direct content

Stand out from the competition

Emails that resonate

Targeted Email Marketing Services

Have you ever sent a long, complex email to a stranger and expected a response? Can you imagine that happening face to face? You’re sat opposite some guy at a party. He greets you and you introduce yourself with an essay about your existence, the swimming certificates you received when you were 3 years old and a detailed timeline of your entire life.

He’s probably bored, a little concerned for his welfare and unlikely to want to speak to you again. That’s what these ridiculously long sales emails look and feel like. 

Our team of copy geniuses will write and send your emails on your behalf, the responses will appear in your inbox like magic and some of which will be opportunities.

Direct Mail Services

How often do you receive a letters? Can you remember reading one and doing anything with it, other than placing it in the bin? The last memorable letter we received at Sweet Leads was a direct marketing letter from an accountant. 

We ended up partnering with them and have been in contract for 2 years so far. The rest of the letters we’ve received were mostly poorly thought out junk sent to tick a marketing box. They end up in the bin….

Ideally, you want to send letters that resonate with the reader. With out direct mailing services, we’ll find you the correct people at the right companies to contact. We’ll then write an engaging sales letter and work our magic to make them read it.

No more junk mail

Letters that resonate

What Results can you expect?

Results can vary as it depends on your products/services and your position in the market. To give you an example, we put together a retail sector campaign for a water management company that created a new way to manage water called ‘water self supply.’

The targets are the biggest manufacturers, high street retailers and pubs and restaurants in the UK. Please see some links below for evidence of the deals closing, we also handled a proportion of the PR effort as well as direct marketing too:


Coca Cola

Stonegate Pubs

John Lewis Partnership

In the table below, you can see the results of this ongoing campaign:

Contacts Companies Responses Opportunities Value

Though we can’t guarantee the same level of success as for this company, we’ve used it as an example of an incredibly challenging yet successful direct marketing campaign where the odds were stacked against us but we got the result we were hoping for. What we will say is that this has been a very successful method for services of a larger value and companies with an established reputation, it’s a little more complicated for startups and or companies who have a bad rep. The results came in over a period of many months, some responses were fairly instant, others arrived months later.

If you want to see if we can get similar results for you, get in touch with the contact form and we can find out if this is an area we could partner in. Alternatively, book into yourself into Christopher Robin’s calendar here.

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