You want to find more companies to do business with. You’ve hit the phones, hired telesales teams, tried sending prospects letters, put on events and webinars but nothing seems to work? Maybe you haven’t tried all of those approaches but you simply lack the resources to do it effectively? We’re a direct marketing agency and we know that direct marketing is one of the most difficult areas to crack and we completely understand why. Over a decade, we’ve worked with many different companies(long before Sweet Leads existed) and we’ve used this experience, the failures and the successes to put together direct marketing services that get results. Sweet Leads Direct Marketing Services don’t involve making 100 calls a day, sending endless newsletters, harassing or wasting anyone’s time.

targeted email marketing lists

Bespoke Targeted Email Marketing Lists

The biggest difference between Sweet Leads and other direct marketing companies is we create targeted email marketing lists especially for your campaign and can tie them in with our focused content marketing services. This means that the contacts are as up to date and accurate as possible and have many different points of interaction to maximise the chance of converting to hot leads for your sales team. We don’t book appointments, if you want that kind of service it’s not one that we are happy to deliver because it’s a bad choice of metric. The companies that book appointments often do so out of guilt tripping, pressurising and harassing your potential customer – which is a very bad start and you don’t want that either. We look to get interest in your products, people requesting more information, further discussions to start the sales process. The entire campaign will be built around you, with opportunities you stand a good chance of winning.

Direct Marketing Services Results

A Direct Marketing Agency with A Difference

If you want to find out more about Sweet Leads approach to Direct Marketing Services take a look our guide to creating a Smart Direct Marketing Strategy, get in touch with the form below or call our ‘on call’ mobile on 07872378247.

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