LinkedIn Management Services

Generate inbound leads

LinkedIn Management Services

Generate inbound enquiries,  increase brand awareness and build an audience on LinkedIn.

Most people post on LinkedIn expecting everyone to like their content and enquire just because. It’s tricky and it takes time and unless you’re a gifted content writer, chances are you’re not seeing the results other people appear to get. Often that’s because they’re telling porkies to sell a service or coaching session.

You may have noticed that there are a lot of experts on LinkedIn with inflated claims ‘100k from a single post’ or ‘450k revenue from simple challenges.’. Does that sound likely to you? A simple 5-10 day challenge to get to 450k of leads… if only it was that simple. They’re selling a subscription to a group known as a ‘pod.’ Without being too mean, this is a short term, codependent strategy and you’ll be reliant on the group for success. Fair enough but once you’re in you’re stuck, which isn’t good for your business.

We don’t work like that. With our LinkedIn management services, we’ll build your network organically with a combination of content and direct marketing strategies, similar to the approach with our social media management services. This means we create and manage your posts and articles, contact prospects with InMails, build data lists and drive business for you and you only. It’s your voice that matters, your business needs sales leads. That’s what we’ll find you. Click the button below to arrange a call about LinkedIn marketing.

Linkedin Social Media Management

With our LinkedIn social media management service, you won’t need to worry about LinkedIn anymore. This is a comprehensive service, ideal if you want the following:

  • High quality content that generates leads.
  • Success from sending sales messages.
  • ROI rom your LinkedIn Ads.
  • Targeted data lists for use in email campaigns.
Most of the businesses we work with use us for our outstanding ability to create content that generates leads and driving business with well written InMails. This service is best suited for B2B companies looking to have their voice heard above their competitors. All content that we produce has to pass the ‘unicorn test’ to maximise potential for engagement.

LinkedIn Page Management

So you’ve made a business page, posted once a month for the past 3 years but you’ve not managed to get anything out of it? Or maybe you have but it’s no longer working or not to a level you’d ideally like?

We’ve got just the thing. As part of our LinkedIn page management services, we create unique and engaging content for your page so you can grow your audience, stand out like a unicorn among Shetland ponies and keep prospects responding to and engaging with your content.

It’s a long term, mass market strategy. This means it takes time but results should benefit you for the long term. It’s the same method we’ll use for your LinkedIn profile aimed at driving high levels of brand awareness for long term growth. 

LinkedIn Ad Management

Have you ever attempted to generate leads through LinkedIn ads? We’re not going to lie to you, they’re not for every business and won’t work for every product but they can be an effective strategy to generating some great leads.

If you’ve already experienced a return from your LinkedIn advertising or have your heart set on exploring this as a strategy, our LinkedIn ad management service will give you the best chance of generating a return from your investment. 

It’s very important to remember that there is no magic bullet. It’s easy to assume that you’ll get immediate results from PPC but the real return comes later when you have enough data to see what is working and what isn’t. It’s then a case of optimising your targeting and making the most of your budget on an ongoing basis.


What can the results look like?

Over the past 2 months Christopher Robin, our MD and marketing unicorn(we have to say things like this, we’re marketers), has tried and tested the same LinkedIn strategy we offer, on his profile, which can be found here. These results are inbound opportunities and have not involved any outbound contact, so each opportunity came off the back of people interacting with posts and sending messages requesting meetings or calls. We measure opportunities in gross profit as we’re a marketing agency with assumed costs on each project:

A bar chart showing the relationship between engagement and opportunity.

For a single channel, content based method, we’re very happy with these results and they don’t even include upside values. We can’t guarantee the same levels of gross profit for you and your business, as each industry is different and no two products are the same. What we will say is that this has been a very successful method for higher margin services but requires a good 6 months to really see results. Get in touch with the contact form and we can find out if this is an area we could partner in. Alternatively, book into yourself into Christopher Robin’s calendar here.

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