If your target market is local or in a range of geographical areas(shops or offices in a few locations) then local search engine marketing will give you some leverage against big competitors and improve local search rankings. Local search engine optimisation services are different to the normal approach for SEO but the benefits to your business presence in the local area can lead to exciting results and help give you the foundations you need to get moving with a serious SEO strategy. So you can get the best results in from local search engine marketing, we’ve put together local SEO packages, which are simply priced and straight to the point.

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Local SEO Packages:

Local SEO packages technical audit

We start with a full website audit and take care of any technical problems that are preventing you from appearing in search engines. This part of the pricing for local search engine optimisation services and the only variable as it depends on the condition of your website. The worst condition website we’ve ever worked on had over 3,000 serious technical errors. It took 15 hours to fix but in contrast to that, we’ve also worked on websites that have had 20-30 critical errors, which we have cleaned up within an hour.

From that point we’ll take care of directory listings, citations and making sure Google and other search engines can tell your business locations using something called ‘schema markup.’

The ongoing process is a little more complex as we have to optimise everything from there to keep improving your online presence.


local search engine optimisation services

The Benefits of Local Search Marketing Services:

To give you an idea of the results you can expect from our local SEO packages this is what we’ve managed to achieve for other companies:

  1. improve local search rankings with local search engine marketing - mapsImprove local search rankings – meaning more of your target customers visiting your website when they’re looking for your products.
  2. More visitors to your shops or offices – your shops will appear accurately on google maps so your customers can find you when they’re in your local area.
  3. Leverage against big competitors that aren’t in your local area – business you’d often lose.


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