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PPC Management Services

Have you ever started a search engine advertising campaign and wondered when you’d see some results? Did you then trust in the universe expecting it would pay off at some point in the future but it never happened? You’re not alone, this is very common. Unfortunately, search engine advertising is a lot more of ‘hands-on’ activity than more traditional forms of advertising.

The problem with search engine advertising, is it’s much more complex than placing an ad in a newspaper. In order to get the best results from Adwords, Bing Ads or any other search engine advertising service, you need to closely monitor the results, impressions and target keywords – similar to how you might approach SEO only the results happen a lot faster.

PPC Management Services

If you want to take your search engine advertising campaigns to the next level, send us a message with the button below. You’ll get the chance to talk to one of the team who will be able to build bespoke PPC management packages to fit you and your needs.

Google Adwords Services

You might relate to this. When we first started using Adwords, we spent A FORTUNE testing and perfecting our approach. After a lot trial and error, we’re now a successful Adwords agency. We’re fully equipped to take your Google PPC campaigns from zero to their full potential.

When you engage with our Adwords management service, we’ll create a strategy to focus on increasing your sales, optimising your spend and analysing results with a click fraud detection system to make sure we deliver the results you and your business deserve.

Bing Ads Management

Do you use Bing? We do! As a successful Bing advertising agency, you’d hope we practice what we preach! Bing is an unusual one, as it has much smaller share of the market than Google, roughly 30%, so a lot of people don’t bother as they don’t think anyone is using it to search. You’re smarter than that though, aren’t you? With less demand, you usually get a lower price and that’s exactly what you’ll get with Bing; a lower cost per click.

It has the same problems as Adwords, in that a percentage of clicks can be through bot traffic and your competitors but we have systems to detect that, which we can use to get you a refunded. We’ll also have your competitors blocked from seeing your ads.

Fraudulent Click Detection and Refunds

So you’ve placed your ads in search engines and are getting a lot of traffic but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, no sales? Roughly 40% of web traffic is bots, this is what we might call ‘spam traffic.’ It serves no purpose but to be a nuisance and cost you money. It’s not good enough, you deserve better than that.

When you partner with us for our PPC Management Services, we have processes and systems in place for click fraud detection and click fraud prevention.

Click fraud detection assesses the behaviour of the website visitor to determine whether it’s a bot, a competitors or a genuine potential customer. Click fraud prevention comes into play once the bot or competitor has been detected and prevents them from seeing your ads again.

This is awesome news for you. With our service, your competitors can’t have a negative impact on your search engine advertising and you’ll get a refund on any clicks that happened because of bot traffic.

Training and Workshops

marketing training and workshops

You might want to give one of your team the responsibility of getting results out of search engine marketing. That’s absolutely fine, sometimes it’s a better idea to upskill than outsource so long as it fits your business goals.

If you’re looking to train your team in search engine marketing, we can build a series of workshops around exactly what you want to achieve. It’s a huge subject but we’ll break it down so you can take away useful strategies that you can then implement.

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