Content and Cocktails March 6th 2020

This is our crash course in content marketing in a comfortable environment where can be yourself. This is very important as the focal point of great content is personality. This entire workshop orientates around that and leveraging content across different marketing channels.


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Content and Cocktails March 6th 2020

Content and Cocktails: 

Simplifying Content Marketing

Content has always been the centrepiece of marketing but these days, with so many marketing channels, it’s become the thread that ties them all together and allows you to position your company in a way that wasn’t previously possible.

Content marketing is a strategic approach that doesn’t just cement your position in the market, it brings together internal departments and creates a collaborative environment amongst teams. You’re playing to your strengths, company wide.

This workshop is the first in a set of 3 content marketing sessions with Christopher Robin. The goal of the workshop is to give you the confidence to create engaging content using copy and a variety of formats to drive inbound leads and engagement. Content doesn’t have to be complex or high budget, it just takes a little bit of thought. 

This workshop is aimed at internal marketers, business owners and sales people wanting to gain an understanding of content marketing. Ideally marketing, in some form, will be a part of your day job.


The content opportunity 

  • Why bother with content marketing?
  • Pitfalls and challenges
  • Critique and rewrite of examples
  • The intelligence feed, planning, trigger topics, polarisation

Creating engaging content

  • Inbound lead generation vs brand awareness, writing for both.
  • Content structures and formats
  • Leveraging content across marketing channels
  • Cluster content 

Measuring what matters

  • Views, likes, shares, rankings and conversions.
  • Key outcomes
  • Auditing content



  • Have confidence in approaching content creation
  • Understand how to craft content and leverage it across marketing channels 
  • Understand the tools available and how to improve your approach over time



You will not die by boring presentation at one of our workshops. You’ll learn by doing, which is the best way to improve your skills in marketing.

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