Some say it’s the hardest part about business, sales lead generation. Should we make 100 calls per day? Send daily e-mails of our successes and products to companies? Beg people to see us and lie that we’ve spoken to them before? – the answer to all of those is ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT,’ by the way. Those approaches probably won’t do you any favours and have a high chance of turning your prospects into dead(and possibly angry) leads. At Sweet Leads, our approach differs from other sales lead generation services and flips the process on its head. Your business exists in a customer-centric era, nobody wants to be called day after day about products/services they didn’t want to know about in the first place.

We’ll come on board to turn your approach around and put together a campaign that will work for you and your goals –  if you’re interested, we can even include a knowledge transfer or campaign template. We can even train your lead generation teams to take their skill set to the next level or if you don’t have the resources – we can do the entire campaign for you, as part of your team.

Sales Lead Generation Services

Get Started with Sales lead Generation Services

Simply contact us with the form below, you don’t need to include much detail as we can set some time aside to go through the challenges you’re facing –  we can find a solution and get you where you need to go.

Our pricing varies and businesses often start with a monthly retainer; every enquiry and campaign are different. Our goal isn’t to take responsibility of your entire lead generation process but to take your business to the next level of its potential.

Alongside lead generation campaigns, we’d recommend a strong content marketing strategy using our Search Engine Marketing Services to have the biggest impact possible, in search results and content quality.