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We’re a marketing agency in Chichester and we cover the surrounding areas of this famous, Roman city. Search engine optimisation is a mystical strategy surrounded by dark clouds and the wonder of binary code (that’s what an image search on Google often shows.) 

As complicated as SEOs might pretend it is, it’s a straightforward approach that requires consistent effort to achieve a higher rank in search engine results. 

The most important factor in SEO is user experience. At any stage of web design or content creation, user experience is crucial but often forgotten about.

This means your target audience will type a search query, you’ll appear towards the top of the search results and they’ll click through to your website, home, service or category pages. 

This gives you a higher chance of conversion rates from search engines because you appear when the right people are looking for your services.

If you’d like to make the most of your opportunity with search engine optimisation, get in touch by clicking the button below and choosing a time for a no obligation consultation that starts with a technical audit.

The benefits of SEO

Brand awareness – more people will know of your business as you’re appearing in search results consistently based on keyword research.

More website visitors – giving you a higher chance of more enquiries from your target audience. This means more visibility to potential buyers.

Conversion rate optimisation – which means more conversions through your website, giving you a return on investment. 

We build amazing websites and we could build you one too. They’re a platform, a point of sale or enquiry for your customers to use and access your services. This means that they need be easy to use and understand. 

It starts with a technical audit of your site, an assessment of your web presence in search engine result pages and an analysis of your social media marketing efforts. Website management is important for your content strategy as that’s where your content sits. It needs to be managed effectively in line with your strategy. Content is ultimately how you’re going to prove your expertise to your potential buyers. 

This revolves around high quality web design, user friendly websites and a well managed domain name. If you want to be successful in online marketing, your website is the centrepiece to your digital presence and gateway to better rankings, a strong web presence and better results from social media marketing.

The good news is that this is something we do every single day for companies just like yours. Click the button below and get in touch and can talk about website design and we’ll take you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Content marketing

Creating content for the sake of it make no sense whatsoever. Creating it with your target audience in mind, makes every bit of business sense, if you consider that your audience are humans then that’s even better. Content marketing is not just about blog posts it’s about positioning your business for the long term.

Marketing has always revolved around content. In digital marketing it’s the king of brand awareness and something we’re very good at. The more places you appear with your engaging messages, the higher chance you have of building and converting your audience across many marketing channels. 

We’re here to help you supercharge your content marketing efforts. This will have an impact on your search engine ranking, social media and overall online presence. With SEO it means you have the best chance of appearing in search engines for the selected keywords that were discovered in keyword research.

It’s an often ignored area of digital marketing but public relations is the difference between superstars and epic failures in search engine result pages. A lot of agencies approach digital PR as guest blog posts but that’s not even scratching the surface. 

Your domain name has a reputation, we’ll make sure it’s the best it can possibly be by getting links from reputable media outlets like The Times, Forbes, The Guardian, outlets that produce media for multiple sectors, industry specific magazines and more. 

Our PR services will get you featured in magazines and media, to shine the spotlight onto your brand and generate high quality inbound links.

This means you’ll have exceptional content that leads leads to better rankings in Google search.  These impressive stories can then be used for social media marketing purposes to increase conversions. 

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