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It takes time and a lot of effort to write blog posts and keep your website interesting and up to date. What’s worse is even after you’ve put the mass of effort in, nobody seems to be visiting your blog.  You could hire the most talented copywriter to deliver the best content writing service for a huge fee, but if they haven’t written with SEO in mind, there’s a high chance that nobody will ever see your content. So what’s the point in doing it in the first place?

Professional Content Writing Services:

At Sweet Leads, we like to think we know SEO and content strategy quite well. We’ve been there, done it and boosted traffic for many websites, including our own. We’ve put a service together especially for you, to help drive traffic to your website in the form of our SEO Content Writing Services. Our approach to professional content writing is second to none; the main outcome is an increase of traffic to your website and from there, an increase in conversions too. As an example of what you can expect, the below chart is one of our customers(anonymised), who experienced a traffic increase of 400% in the first few months of this year. It usually takes some time for professional content writing services to have a real impact but when they do the effects can be incredible – so long as it’s implemented effectively.

Traffic Forecast - Increase your website traffic

It starts with getting to know your market, your competition, your target customers and working out what’s going on in their heads when they’re trying to find your products. Then it’s about writing the answer to that problem so you appear in search engine results at that time – exactly when they’re looking for it. It’s a bit like a targeted website traffic service where we take the customer’s perspective, understand what and why they’re looking for something so we can shortcut and deliver the solution, often before they’ve even thought of it themselves. We’ll need to examine your website to make sure you can rank(Website SEO Audit Report) and to find which key words you’re already getting visitors from then we can use this information to create leverage and increase your website traffic. It will give us a good idea on your domain strength and what kinds of search terms and keyword search volumes you’ll be able to rank for.

When it comes to SEO, copyrighting services often fall short of the mark and trying to fit search terms into their articles is like trying to complete a puzzle with a piece that simply does not fit. We work the other way around. In order to deliver effective blog/content writing services it all starts at the search terms and ends at the finished article – as far as we are concerned there’s more effective way to do it and increase traffic to your website. That said, if you are keen to keep the existing content, then these are our fees for existing posts and product pages:

Service Keywords Guide Price
Existing Blog Post 3-5 £85
Existing Product/Service Page 3-5 £85

Blog writing service pricing:

The Blog Writing Service Pricing list below, is only indicative and what we charge for single one-off posts. For larger projects, we offer a package with a variety of important services included and the more that’s included, the lower the price gets. Our blog writing service aims to drive backlinks, increase traffic to your website and establish you as an industry authority. Due to the nature of the Website content writing services, it’s best to call to find out more.

Service Words Keywords Guide Price
Short Form Blog Post 300-450 5 £125
Long Form Article for SEO 2500 Up to 25 £500


Content Writing Services Pricing:

This is aimed at product and service pages in order to get them seen in search engines. They’re best paired with deep dive articles to create an effective linking structure and increase your website traffic, specifically to those product pages. Please take a closer look at our website content writing services pricing list below and get in touch if you have any questions:


Service Words Keywords Guide Price
Product Page 300-450 5 £125
Product Related Article 2500 Up to 25 £500
Product Page and Related Article 2800-3000 20-30 £600


Feel free to contact us about increasing your web traffic with our professional content writing services, either on the ‘on call’ mobile which is 07872378247 or by completing the contact form below.