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We’re a digital marketing agency for crawley and the surrounding areas, which includes most of the South coast. It’s a dark art, secretive and confusing but search engine optimisation is more accessible than you might realise. It can boost your online presence and place you light years ahead of your competition in search engine results. 

One of the most important parts of SEO is user experience. When people visit your website, they should run into any problems at any time and the process should be seamless and give you high quality leads. 

Your target audience will type a search query, you’ll appear towards the top of the search results and they’ll click through to your website, home, service or category pages. If the page meets their expectations, they’ll hopefully contact you and you can start the sales process. 

There are many ranking factors from title tags to backlinks but we’ll talk to you in your language, not ours. Just watch your ranking position increase over time, we’ll give you a log in with advanced analytics so you can see exactly what’s going on, over time for total transparency.

If you’d like to make the most of your opportunity with SEO, get in touch by clicking the button below and picking the best time for a call. 

The benefits of SEO

Brand awareness – more potential customers will be aware of your business and therefore you’re more likely to sell your products and services.

A sufficient return on investment – placing yourself in search engine results at the time your potential customers are searching for the search queries they typed in.

Local area targeting – get more visitors and enquiries by targeting the local search engine results for your town and the surrounding areas.

Staged process – starting with an in depth website audit, link building opportunities, picking targeted keywords in keyword research and a deep analysis of your existing website content.

Excellent websites are at the centre of your online marketing efforts. As well a technical website audit, we can build and design you something fresh and exciting from scratch. Either way it benefits you in terms of Google search rankings.

A website is a platform, a point of sale or enquiry for your customers to use and access your services. This means that they need be easy to use, understand and improve your online visibility. They’re there to help you communicate your message in a way that your customers will understand. 

It starts with a technical website audit, an assessment of your previous blogging efforts and existing content in search engine result pages and an analysis of your social media marketing efforts.  It needs to be managed effectively in line with your strategy. Content is ultimately how you’re going to prove your expertise to your potential buyers. 

High quality web design means a user friendly website and exceptional website content. If you want to be successful in online marketing, your site is the centrepiece to your digital presence and a gateway to better rankings

The good news is that this is something we do every single day for companies just like yours. Click the button below to contact us about website design. 

Content marketing

Valuable content creation means creating something worthwhile that achieves a business goal and enhances your marketing strategy. Your target audience are the centre of this process as they’re the ones buying your products. It’s obvious but often forgotten. 

If you consider that your audience are humans then that’s even better, as a digital agency, we’re not just content writers or nerds in web design, we understand humans on a much deeper level. What makes them buy and engage with content. 

Content creation is not just about blog posts it’s about positioning your business for the long term. This can include existing content optimisation and brand new website content to drive high quality leads.

Marketing has always revolved around content. In digital marketing it’s the king of brand awareness and something we’re very good at. The more places you appear with your engaging messages, the higher chance you have of building and converting your audience across many marketing channels. 

We’re here to help you supercharge your content marketing efforts and improve your online presence and partner with you as your digital marketing agency of choice. Our services will have an impact on your search engine rankings, social media and overall marketing strategy. Your web presence is just the start.

This is what a real digital marketing agency calls their backlink strategy. A lot of agencies approach digital PR as guest blog posts but that’s not even scratching the surface, what it’s really about, is stories and research that the media can’t ignore. Your website content is unlikely to rank for targeted keywords without digital PR.

It will give you a credible website through targeted backlinks and over time, you’re bound to accumulate a lot of them. This means that more of your website content, blogging efforts will appear in search engines on both yours and other websites giving you noticeable results. 

As your PR agency, we will get you featured in magazines and media, to shine the spotlight onto your brand and generate high quality inbound links. This is a tailored service aimed at both brand awareness and increased rankings. This will have a hugely positive effect on your entire marketing strategy and take our website work to the next level.

This means you’ll have exceptional content that leads leads to better rankings in Google search.  These impressive stories can then be used for social media marketing purposes to increase conversions. 

If you’re ready to take centre stage in your industry, contacts us with the form below, fill our your contact details or use the phone number at the top of the page. 

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