Small Business SEO Services

small business SEO Services

Appear in search engines when your customers are looking

It can be both time consuming and complicated. You may not have the resources or skills to make the most of search engines or user experience. Instead of approaching it like a pro, you’ve found a tool online that tells you which search terms receive 1000s of searches a month and decided that’s what you’d go for. It can’t be that hard, can it?

You appear for branded searches and your home page appears at the top, but nobody knows who you are and therefore isn’t searching for your business name. It’s great if you’ve tried but what about the results? It’s taken months of work and nothing. SEO doesn’t work does it? If you don’t want to increase your website traffic and add a channel to your lead generation process with search engines that’s okay, but if you want another marketing channel to contribute towards sales and revenue, we’re here to help you on the journey to successful internet marketing.

Take control of your SEO today, click the button and arrange a call and we’ll talk digital marketing. 

SEO Packages for small businesses

Small businesses like yours have unique needs, specific customers and services. These packages are built around you, your customers and goals. It takes time to see results, but s and it’s important that you understand that before contacting us. We’ll look at search terms that your website could rank for, assess your potential, opportunities and build a plan from there.

The first month we’ll take care of any technical issues, improve your existing web pages and website architecture, we’ll then create the foundations for long term success. From that point on, we’ll go into detail, building your content strategy around appropriate keyword research, aiming to rank for as many ideal search terms as possible, driving traffic, brand awareness and improving your conversion rate.

Every day that passes, you could have been improving your ranking in search engines and making the most of your opportunity in Google search. Click on the button below, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.


Rather than offer a monthly retainer for 5-10,000 per month, we offer purpose built content creation packages, which can include web design, making SEO services affordable to small businesses. That means pricing is built around around you, your budget, customers and goals. At every stage, we’ll be realistic and honest about what to expect, there isn’t a magic wand but there is a path towards success.

As well as being affordable, we try not to clutter our conversations with jargon and hope to understand your goals, whether that’s to get results with a local search strategy or domination in search engines with detailed content marketing. It’s so easy to confuse people mentioning schema markup, meta tags, long tail keywords, caching, validations, robots.txt and redirects but it’s absolutely pointless. We’d rather talk to you as a human, you may not be familiar with those terms and we’re not here to impress you with our knowledge but the results we can deliver.

When you’re ready to take control of your SEO, click the button and we’ll be in touch for a realistic conversation about where we can go with your content marketing. Please make sure you include your website in the message as web development could be part an important of the package.

A note about web design

It’s important that your website is as optimised as possible to rank in search engines. You don’t have to redesign your website but in some cases it is a good idea that way user experience, content creation and the responsive design of your website are all in safe hands. It’s better than a disjointed effort and too many cooks in the same kitchen.

Your website may need restructuring, optimising for user experience and to be placed on a platform that’s easy to manage. We can handle anything and everything related to SEO and website in one place, to make that even better, we can also handle pay per click if you want to run search engine advertising campaigns too.

Benefits of SEO and content marketing services:

Return on investment – an effective marketing channel to position your company for the long term, ahead of the competition.

Website traffic driven to the right landing page (s) from searches who are actively looking for your services.

Brand awareness and an enhanced online reputation that can help across many other marketing channels. 

Improved conversion rates and inbound enquiries to keep your sales team working on fresh leads and driving revenue and growth.

It’s a very important part of the search engine optimisation process. Digital PR is where we focus on link building by reaching out to journalists at reputable media outlets.

It gives you the respect in Google search to rank for what you found in the keyword research stage. Each success could be a link to your website which increase your chances of appearing of the first search engine results page. 

PR is an important part of content marketing as quality link building is crucial to ranking in organic search, it can also help with your social media strategy. It doesn’t just help search engine optimisation but your wider marketing strategy too, fueling content for social media, email marketing and massive brand awareness. 

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