So as a small business SEO services will help you attract more customers and get ahead of your competition. It’s really important to choose a good small business SEO consultant to help; this is where we can make a big difference and get you where you need to go, targeting keywords that are appropriate for your website and monitoring the results with our search engine rank tracking software, Sweet Links. In our experience, small business search engine marketing will get you the results you deserve so long as the strategy is intelligently crafted to suit your business and the market that you operate in.

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SEO Packages for Small Businesses

We’ve carefully put together SEO packages for small businesses, to keep a good balance between cost and results and to make it an accessible marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes, which can grow as you do. It all starts with a technical SEO audit of your website, we’ll work through and correct anything that may be preventing you from ranking. Once all technical issues are fixed, we’ll put together a strategy to help each page of your website rank for the correct keywords. You’ll be able to monitor the progress with our search engine rank tracking tool and watch your website hits grow in Google Analytics.


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Small Business Search Engine Marketing Results

As a small business SEO consultant, we know that results are the most important part of this process; you don’t necessarily want to be bothered with the detail but you certainly want to see an increase in website traffic that you can convert to customers. To give you an example of what’s possible with small business SEO services, we worked with an information security services provider on their content strategy. After fixing 1000’s of technical issues they started ranking in Google. After a few months we’d increased their web traffic five-fold and the core products that were ranking on the first page of Google started getting 3-5 inbound enquiries every single week – their most basic services cost £30,000 so each call was incredibly valuable to them.

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