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Social Media Management Services

Engage and convert your audience

Does your business make money from social media? It’s usually a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. Some companies are making a fortune. How do you even approach it? Is Facebook good for your B2B business? Do you need to invest in advertising to build your audience? It’s about choosing the right platforms for your business and the right methods to engage with your potential customers on each platform.

LinkedIn has proven to be a monster for selling our services, up to 40k of leads per month but if you’re in e-commerce, you may find Instagram and Pinterest could work really well for you whereas they wouldn’t be a strategy we would use for our marketing agency.

We’re here to take the fear out of social media and help you build your audience. We’ll take you from where you are and on the road to where you’d ideally like to be, with an audience that’s genuinely interested in your products that stands a good chance of converting to sales.

Drive Business with Social Media

Make the most of your social media with effective strategies for engagement and conversions.

Would you like to make the most of LinkedIn? It can be hard to stand out on that platform as it’s filled to the brim with hundreds of voices shouting tired sales messages or content that simply falls into the background. It’s a huge shame as if you can find a way to stand out in a positive way, it’s very good platform to generate both inbound and outbound leads and drive your business forward. 

LinkedIn is one of our main strategies at Sweet Leads and we average at 30k of new opportunities per month. It’s hard work but over time it can change the course of your business.

If you would like to see results from LinkedIn then get in touch today as this and direct marketing are our most in demand services and we deliberately cap the amount of customers we work with to ensure that you get the results you deserve.

Lead your industry

With engaging LinkedIn Strategies

Grow your audience

Take control of Social PPC

Social Media Advertising Services

Are you confused by social media ads? That’s probably because they’re confusing and they’re different across each platform – many moons ago, we felt like you do, trying to work our way through a variety of ads managers, not knowing what any of the terminology actually meant. 

They’re not the most user friendly but we can take that worry away from you and start getting you some results whether you’re looking for more likes and interactions on Facebook or more pins and conversions from Pinterest.

With Sweet Leads social media advertising services, you’ll grow your audience on the ideal platforms for your business and make the most of your advertising budgets.


Social Media Marketing Training

So you want to learn about social media marketing? You’d like to know what the best platforms are for your business and how to build an audience? 

No problem! We’ll create a purpose built social media marketing training syllabus, so your employees can make the most of the platforms you want to see success on and run it in workshop format. 

From Facebook, Twitter and Youtube through to advertising, monitoring and scheduling posts you’ll learn and understand everything you need to know and how to approach your content on these platforms.

The first step is to book in a call, so click the image to the right, schedule a meeting and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for one another?


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Take control of your social media

Social Media Management Pricing

Prices start at £400 per month on a rolling contract that requires 30 days notice to cancel. We don’t like tying our customers into needlessly long contracts, want to make sure that you’re happy and we’re doing a great job for you but would always recommend giving it a good 6-12 months as with any marketing strategy. Get in touch with the contact form below and we can talk about the next steps. 

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