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It can take a lot of time and frustration to get the most out of your social media efforts. You might not have the time, nor the expertise. Sometimes it’s better to get someone else to help, while you focus on the things you’re good at. We are a specialist marketing agency for small businesses and we understand where you’re at, your challenges and ambitions.

Social media marketing has two distinct parts that we package together, to get the most out of both:

1) Organic – this is content based with no advertising and aims to get as much engagement as possible to spread the word of your business. 

2) Paid – this is advertising so comes with a budget and a different strategy. We’d  aim to get you as much engagement as possible but when you’re spending money on clicks or impressions, we want to make sure there’s a return fairly quickly. 

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Organic social media content

This is your content, the posts and information on your pages. You’re looking to create content that people relate to or share in order to grow your audience, engage them and sell more products. This process takes time but it’s worth the effort as it results in inbound leads and organic shares, which can’t be bad for business!

The more engaged your audience is, the more likely you are to grow your reach and increase the chance of enquiries. It’s a huge misconception that only content related to your products could result in sales, often, the opposite is more true but a blended approach is even better. We target both the mass market and your ideal market to increase your reach and start building your pipelines. 

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Social media advertising

Most businesses have tried their hand at social media advertising and more often than not they’ve had some success. You may have tried it yourself and had some fairly reasonable results and then gave up. We have an approach that considers your budget, your audience and our unique strategies for engagement. Social media is great for targeting and re-targeting specific audiences and using a variety of advertising formats. 

We’ll profile your ideal customers and reach them on social networks, we’ll leverage tracking and re-marketing to make sure your business is as familiar to them as possible. Every link click will be tracked, if you’re using ads that request calls, we can place unique phone numbers that forward to your business lines, so we know exactly where that customer came from.

As time goes on, we’ll adapt and vary your ads in an effort to continuously improve and help you drive more sales.

Social networks we manage

These are the main social media platforms that we actively manage on a daily basis. As well as these, we can also help with Vimeo, Youtube, which are great for SEO purposes. We don’t currently work with TikTok or Snapchat but we can help build strategies for these social media platforms and get results. 

Christopher-Robin, who owns Sweet Leads, is one of the more popular faces on LinkedIn. We get an average of 5 good opportunities per week from his content alone. It’s a long term strategy that takes time but the inbound leads are very high quality and convert at around 75%.

Twitter is an interesting platform that’s mostly dominated by politics these days but there’s a great opportunity to use it to position yourself or your business as an industry leader. It’s great for brief updates, interacting with your network and posting blogs/articles

It’s almost as vintage as MySpace but it’s come a lot further. Facebook has a vast amount of users that are mostly adults. The advertising can be very cost effective and if you hit the right notes, you could end up with a huge audience fairly quickly.

Pinterest is the unsung hero of social networks. It’s very good for generating website traffic to your blog, products and services. When a user re-pins your posts or web pages, there’s a very good chance they’ll buy from you in the future.

It’s not just gym selfies and holiday pics, there’s a very valid business case for making use of Instagram. It’s another way to leverage content to position yourself as the leader of your industry, to a different audience.

Get started with social media

The best time to start would have been years ago but the second best time is today. Social media can take time to get significant results but creates a huge, long term opportunity for your business. The first steps are building the foundations. 

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